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Fix stucking volume slider (indicator) Android and MIUI 10 11

It happens that at some point, perhaps after installing some application, after passing a certain amount of time, the volume slider starts sticking when it increases or decreases. Personally, it annoyed me a lot and I decided to find a solution to this problem.

Personally, for me, the case turned out to be a buggy application that turned off the camera shutter sound forcibly. I use it when I make the photo sphere in the camera from Google, and, as you know, the shutter sound does not turn off there, and the only solution is to install such applications.

You, I think, a problem could arise with a similar application that somehow interacts with the sound on the smartphone. Next, I will describe the options for action when such a bug occurs.

  1. You can simply delete the last application, after installing which such a bug appeared. This should solve the problem with a 90% probability, naturally after rebooting the smartphone.
  2. The second option is to temporarily disable the function of the buggy application, it is decided by disabling administrator rights for this application.
  3. The third option is to manually find the application that creates the problem. To do this, I will describe the procedure below.

We go into the settings and go to advanced settings (I will show Miui 11 from as an example)

In the advanced settings, go to “Accessibility”

Next, open the “Downloaded Services”

And here we stop for details

Here we need to find a service that is somehow related to the sound control on your smartphone. I have it SLCamera. I go into it and turn it off. On this, my problem was solved. You will have to look for your application, turning off each application one by one, as I showed in the video below.

After turning off the service and rebooting the smartphone, the problem should disappear.

Here I did not consider problems that could arise with the firmware, or modifications that you could install. Also, it was not a question of programs working through Magisk or Xposed, or installed in system partitions. Here I examined only programs that were installed by the usual methods and that do not require special permissions.