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Life Is Strange 2 Episodes 2-5 Torrent + crack

Inside the downloaded archive is a torrent file (you can find it somewhere else if you do not want to download from me), which must be downloaded. In torrent, the Steam folder with Life is Strange 2 installed with all the episodes.

Now the installation is automatic. Just unpack the archive into the folder with the downloaded torrent, where steam.exe is located and press the unlock button.

Also in the archive is the file LifeIsStrange2St.exe. You can decide whether to use it or not. This file simply launches life is strange along with steam from the downloaded folder. Just put this file in the folder with steam where Life is strange 2 is downloaded and run it to start the game. If necessary, he will close the launched Steam and run the necessary one, and you will not have to do everything manually. In general, this can be used as a shortcut to the quick launch of the game and that’s all, it does nothing more.


The two remaining files will need to be uploaded to the folder:
OfflineSteam2\steamapps\common\Life is Strange 2\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\Steamworks\Steamv139\HERE
And rename the existing file to steam_api64_o.dll AS IN THE SCREENSHOT BELOW

If you did everything correctly, all episodes will be open for you.

Sorry, its only google translate)