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ViPER for Windows Control Panel Mod by IronShell – v. 1.0.5/

Viper is a program for complete audio control on your computer. You can set any parameters for the final audio processing. This post is about my modification of the control panel of this software. Screenshots of the modification, as well as the original (under the spoiler), are shown below. You can download it from one of the links above this text. This modification is based on the modification of a person with the nickname SEVEN

Installation instructions (if you already have ViPER4Windows 1.0.5 installed, start from step 3):
1. Install ViPER4Windows from the attached archive.
2. Install drivers for devices that will be used with ViPER

How to add device, if you have some problems with that
a. Go to configurator (you need to have installed AHK)

b. Select your device in the list and press Intall button.
c. If you got same problem as on screenshot below go to the next step.

d. Open the regedit and and follow the path from error. (\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\MMDevices\Audio\Render\)

e. Make right click on the folder and open Permissions.
f. Allow all groups and users full access in the window

g. Install your device in configuration window again.

3. Copy the ViPER.exe file to the ViPER4Windows folder, usually C: / Program Files / ViPER4Windows /
4. Run the ViPER.exe file as administrator and use it!

Old control panel screenshot